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Click here for direct registration through Itunes.

If you do not know how to subscribe to a podcast already and you are pretty new to this podcasting thing anyway follow these steps.

Step: One

Check to make sure that your computer has itunes or another rss management tool.

Step: Two

If you do not have itunes then down load it by clicking the following link.

Step Three

Once you have downloaded Itunes program. Inside the itunes directory open the Itunes Music Store and click on the podcasting section. This is where you will be able to subscribe to the podcast. Do a Search for Progressive Toolkit. Click the subscribe link. If you find these instructions confusing the link below will take you to a site with detailed pictures and instructions.

How to subscribe to a podcast using itunes in pictures.

But First try and connect directly using itunes.

Or if you know what a podcast aggregator is you can click here to access the rss feed for this website.

http://www.progressivetoolkit.com/progressivetoolkitrss.xml RSS Feed. RSS feed for our Podcast